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Update on Drainage Concerns following April and May 2016 Extreme Rain Events


April 4, 2017

The Woodlands and surrounding communities experienced record-setting rainstorms in April and May of 2016. These two storms had a 1% or less chance of happening in any given year, and yet we experienced two within 45 days. In weather statistical terms, this is highly unlikely, but happened.

The storms resulted in approximately 130 Woodlands-area calls regarding drainage concerns. The concerns were wide-spread across many Woodlands neighborhoods. Directors of the affected MUDs quickly approved extra funds and personnel to assist the WJPA staff in responding to the resident drainage concerns. These additional resources were used to perform numerous field surveys to document high water marks, to use special engineering drainage consultants to analyze areas of concern, and where appropriate, take reasonable steps to improve drainage.

The drainage concerns reported have been categorized as either (1) home/garage flooded, (2) street ponding, (3) lot-to-lot drainage and (4) large drainage ditch. The home/garage flooded category received highest priority in site review and drainage analysis. We want to emphasize that our MUD directors and WJPA staff are committed to reviewing each area of concern.

We have 18 drainage improvement projects completed or underway totaling approximately $1,330,000.  Numerous other areas are being analyzed to consider drainage improvements. Additionally, the WJPA staff has regraded approximately 20 neighborhood drainage easements to improve storm water flow from the streets to larger drainage channels.

Concerns related to rising water in Bear Branch are still being analyzed for possible improvements. Modifying Bear Branch to lower flood elevations will be an extensive project that will involve multiple jurisdictions. Various scenarios for this project will be presented to WJPA staff in April. Following staff review, these scenarios will be reviewed with the MUD directors and other stakeholders. Neighborhood meetings to review the findings and improvement options will follow.

As a reminder to residents, ponding water in the street right-of-way during heavy downpours is planned and expected. The street ROW actually becomes a part of the storm water conveyance system during these extreme storm events.

If you have concerns about drainage in your neighborhood, contact the WJPA staff at 855-h2o-save.



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