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Lawn Irrigation Policy (NewSystems) Policy No PLU-40

Recommended Irrigation Amount for the Week

Over-watering is the most frequent mistake The Woodlands’ homeowners make in lawn care. Too much water promotes a shallow root system and this causes grass and plants to be much more vulnerable to hot/dry weather. Adjust your irrigation system to save money and conserve our limited natural resource. Root growth is at its peak during the spring. Irrigating less at the beginning of spring will promote deep root growth and result in a healthier lawn.

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Signup to receive a free water system evaluation.

During hot and dry conditions, native plants require no more than one-inch of water per week. This should be done in one or two applications per week, which will allow water to soak deep into the soil. If you receive adequate rainfall during the week, do not water! Only water when plants or grasses show signs of needing moisture.

The per-household demand for water in The Woodlands is increasing. Water use during the summer increases three to eight times that of winter use. To provide adequate pressure to all customers, our water system is designed to meet this peak demand, and much of the water is wasted. If a family of four uses more than 40,000 gallons of water during a 60-day summer billing period (with average rainfall), they are irrigating too much.

Recent studies by the Lone Star Groundwater Conservation District in Montgomery County show that our demand for groundwater is exceeding the sustainable yield of our aquifers. Excess lawn irrigation is a major factor in The Woodlands. Alternate sources of water to supplement our groundwater system are being evaluated, but any source we select will be more expensive than our current underground supply. Correcting improper irrigation practices will save you money and stretch our groundwater supplies. Don’t Wait, Act Now!

please contact our office at (281)367-1271 for information on rain sensors for your sprinkler system.

Helpful Tips for a Great Lawn in The Woodlands

Lush green lawns, extraordinary landscaping, colorful displays of native plants…Whether you are a new Woodlands resident or you’ve been here a long time, it is likely that the appearance of your property is important to you. That’s a good thing because we all take pride in living in such a lovely environment. Unfortunately, we’ve gotten in the habit of watering our lawns and gardens a lot more than they need to be.

During the spring and summer months, approximately 80 percent of the water we use is for irrigation…and about 50 percent of this water is wasted! The days of cheap and plentiful water supplies are behind us…and it is time that we all learn to use this precious natural resource more efficiently. Here are some good resources to help you maximize your “Great Lawn” while keeping the demand for water in check…

Remember – Native plants and grasses need no irrigation water beginning during the fall and winter months, so please adjust your sprinkler systems accordingly.

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