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Refunding Topic Clarified from the General Manager

After receiving feedback from the Courier and Villager story “Refunding water bonds will save Woodlands residents $4.1M” (July 9 and 10), we think the topic needs clarification. Some readers concluded that the SJRA/MUD bond refunding will take water rates and tax rates below current levels. Unfortunately, water rates are projected to continue to rise and tax rates can vary from year to year depending on a variety of factors, most notably appraised residential and commercial property values in The Woodlands.

The $4.1 million saved through the refundings will have a positive effect on each of our 11 MUDs—and that fact is newsworthy. The savings will be seen in lower debt service costs for the remainder of the loan terms, which will help to partially (but not completely) offset the increasing costs associated with maintaining and repairing our aging water delivery, wastewater collection, wastewater treatment and storm water collection systems. The savings will also help to partially (but not completely) offset the price for delivery of surface water to The Woodlands, which is more expensive than groundwater. So, while the savings from the refundings are substantial, they will not result in water rates below the current levels.

That said, MUD customers can lower water bills by decreasing total water consumption. This is best achieved by reducing water used for landscape irrigation. We encourage readers to visit The Woodlands Joint Powers Agency’s water conservation section for ideas and tips on efficient lawn and landscape watering.

James M. Stinson, P.E.
General Manager, The Woodlands Joint Powers Agency

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