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Facts about water in The Woodlands

The typical homeowner in The Woodlands uses 10,000 gallons of water a month. This includes bathing, showering, brushing teeth, shaving, washing clothes, washing dishes, drinking, cooking and lawn irrigation. During the summer months, lawn irrigation accounts for 50 to 80% of water used. Unfortunately some homes here

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Woodlands Landscaping Solutions

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MUD 60 Director Elected to State Board

Bob Lux, a resident of The Woodlands, has been elected as Gulf Coast Trustee for the Association of Water Board Directors Board of Trustees (AWBD). He is the first ever Trustee from Montgomery County. The association, with more than 800 member organizations, includes drainage districts, fresh water

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WJPA and MUD 2016 Storm Response and Flood Control Efforts

The Woodlands and surrounding communities experienced record-setting rainstorms in April and May of 2016. These two storms had a 1% or less chance of happening in any given year, and yet we experienced two within 45 days. In weather statistical terms, this is highly unlikely, but happened.

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Aerate your lawn to keep it healthy and lush

Landscapers know that one of the most crucial elements to having a beautiful lawn is healthy soil. Healthy soil is loose and aerated, a place where roots can spread deeply and organisms thrive. Compacted soil, which lies underneath most lawns in The Woodlands, actually sets off a

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Simple, low-cost ways to win the battle against lawn fungal diseases

Fungal problems are a fact of life in Southeast Texas, where fungus is the main disease vector in plants. Actually, most soils here are full of fungal spores. Some are beneficial. Some, harmless. And some, like the fungi that cause take-all patch, brown spot or dollar spot,

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Colder Weather Dampens Need to Irrigate Lawns

Most lawns in The Woodlands consist of St. Augustine grass – a warm-season grass that goes dormant in the fall and winter.  The grass starts to turn a little yellow and the intuitive thing to do is to add more water. In fact, irrigation during the fall

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Watering lawns in fall and winter

When grass begins to turn yellow or brown in fall and winter, it’s not a sign that it’s dying. Turning color is a sign that the grass is going dormant. Yes, the roots are still alive. In good soil, those roots will be digging their way deep

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Learning the Basics of Water-Wise Landscaping

Water-wise gardening simply means using good common sense. It reduces irrigation needs, lowers water bills, lowers maintenance and provides a much higher quality and worry-free landscape. Here are some general guidelines for establishing one: Planning and design– Take some time to look at your yard. You may

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