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become-water-wiseNow that cooler weather is here, it’s the ideal time for residents to inspect outdoor irrigation systems for problems that might have cropped up during peak usage months.  Schedule a free sprinkler system check up with a licensed irrigation expert through The Woodlands Joint Powers Agency. This program, known as The Woodlands Irrigation System Evaluation, pays for professionals to guide residents through their sprinkler systems and also helps residents evaluate the efficiency of the system.

The free evaluation will assist the homeowner in:

  • Finding and repairing minor breaks in sprinkler heads.
  • Adjust sprinkler heads for proper zone coverage
  • Check the system for leaks
  • Adjust your controller to conform to the Defined Irrigation Schedule now in effect in The Woodlands.
  • Increase outdoor water efficiency through retro-fit devices.

Residents can sign up for this service by clicking here

The Woodlands Joint Powers Agency also offers a 50% rebate for expenses up to $150 on the purchase of a rain sensor, ET Smart Controller, drip irrigation system, rain water harvesting system, or other water saving device for your irrigation system. Call 855-h2o-SAVE for more information on the rebate.

Some winter chores for your lawn:

  • St. Augustine grass goes dormant in the winter. Very little or no irrigation is needed from October to April.
  • Use a mulching lawnmower to mulch fallen leaves back into your lawn to provided added nutrition.
  • Remove debris from ornamental beds. A quick way to do this is to use a leaf blower, then mulch the debris into the lawn.
  • Add good organic mulch to the beds.

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