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Defined Irrigation

The plan, which regulates watering to two nights per week, is designed to help forestall a pending water crisis in the township and elsewhere in Montgomery County

Bill Payments

Information about Online Payments, Automated Phone Payments, Mail or drop off locations, Third party payments, and more.

Surface Water Conversion

You may not know it, but our county is in the midst of a crisis. As Montgomery County’s population has grown at an astounding rate, we have always met our growing water demand by drilling water wells and pumping water from our underground aquifers.

Water Conservation

Over-watering is the most frequent mistake homeowners make in lawn care. Too much water promotes a shallow root system and this causes grass and plants to be much more vulnerable to hot/dry weather.


  • WJPA
    Maximum Contaminant Level Violation Notice
    The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) has notified Montgomery County MUD 60 (Public Water System No. TX1700470) that the drinking water supplied to its customers exceeded the Maximum Contaminant Level (MCL)...
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  • WJPA
    Mud 60 Water Safe to Drink
    April 13, 2017 For Immediate Release Mud 60 Water Safe to Drink Current testing shows that water in Montgomery County MUD 60 is safe to drink after a recent drinking water standard...
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  • How to read your water meter
    How to read your water meter
    Water meters are probably the most misunderstood pieces of equipment in The Woodlands. Learning how to read your water meter can become a useful tool in managing your water use – and...
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